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Hey Everybody, It's a busy spring and 2015 has been great so far.  I made it up to the Jerry Brown Arts Festival in Hamilton, Alabama earlier this month and had a fantastic time.  Hamilton is a wonderful place with some amazing people serving up some good ol' southern hospitality.  This was my second time attending Jerry Brown which is annual indoor show held the first weekend in March. The venue changed since 2014, and is now held in the Tombigbee Electric Coop at exit 14 off of I22.  The artist line-up was pretty impressive with some notable star power including Maurice Cook, Jim Weaver, Marian Baker, Brian and Meghan Bohanan, Charlie Lucas, Mike Williamson, and of course,  Jerry Brown.  For those of you who are not familiar with Jerry Browns work, he is a potter and makes highly collectable face jugs in a unique Northwest Alabama tradition. 

I have more shows coming up this spring including: 

I also have some good stuff cooking up including new pieces, drawings, signed prints, greeting cards. And more great news, you will soon be able to wear my art!  The first edition May Fighter tee shirts are in production and will be available March 28.  Thank you so much, and I hope to see you at one of these great events!