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Welcome to My World!

anthony tavisComment

Hello, welcome to my new blog and website.  I previously used as my blog, and it still exists, however, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.  This is the inaugural new blog post and I want to tell you what I'll be serving up here.  I am a people person by nature.  The fun part about being an artist, and doing all these art festivals is that I get to meet some really amazing people and go to some interesting places along the way.  I will be sharing those experiences, past and present here with you my readers.  I will also post information on what I'm working on and what events I will be participating in in the future. In regards to making my art available for purchase online, that is coming soon! (I have some things to iron out before I go live with that).   I encourage my readers to subscribe, and comment as often as you like.  Thank you all visiting