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Folk Art With Soul

Artist Statement

My name is Anthony Tavis and I make art. I create paintings and  assemblages out of discarded items, salvaged wood, cabinet doors and whatever else I can find. My soulful and vibrant offerings include angels, demons, creatures from the bayou, visitors from outer space, gastronomical delights, and legends that never die. My work is influenced heavily by Delta blues music, Non-Western art, and American culture. I love making art, attending art shows, and having the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people along the way.


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Contact Info and Inquiries

 For inquiries regarding sales, commissions, licensing, cameo television appearances,album covers, red carpet events, book blurbs, compelling journalistic subject matter, paid speaking events, or gallery showings please email me at or go to the contacts tab at the top of the page.

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100% Original Art

All of my art is hand made using a combination of salvaged materials donated by family, friends and fans, or hand picked from the finest trash piles and dumpsters in the Southeast. Minimal paints, media and hardware are purchased.  Each salvaged piece is inspected for cleanliness, safety sturdiness and bad mojo. 


I was born in Providence,  Rhode Island, and grew up in the suburbs. I left as soon as I could, rambling around the country observing and experiencing the many cities, cultural curiosities and landscapes of the U.S. I moved to Alabama in 2006 after marrying the love of my life who is a native Alabamian. I graduated from the University of Alabama earning a B.A. in Geography. While I've been making art my whole life, I started selling my art in the spring of 2010.  My first festival experience was the Druid City Arts Festival in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where I conquered my fears, and got an encouraging reception from the public. Since that first painting sold, I have been joyfully sharing my art with anyone who will look at it.  Thank you for coming to my website.