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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Information


Thank You for ordering one of my creations, It is the greatest privilege to be able to be an artist, and I am grateful for your purchase.  Your purchase will ship within 7 to 10 business days via the US Postal Service, most likely from the post office in Helena, Alabama 35080.  Any orders over $200 will must be picked up at the Post Office only because I would hate for your order to be dropped on the front stoop only to be stolen.  In addition to making art, I am also responsible for marketing, book keeping, applying to shows, sales, shipping, service, and many other minute tasks associated with being an artist as well as a full time parent, so reducing shipping confusion is in the best interest of both of us.  99.99% of my transactions on line and face to face have gone super smooth because I'm selling art, which generally make people smile. If there is some sort of problem with your order in terms of damage to your art, I will do my best to fix it as soon as possible, because my art is only as good as my reputation, however, Anthony Tavis Folk Art reserves the right to refuse any returns or outrageous compensation. I'm a pretty reasonable guy, so in the event of an unsatisfactory transaction, please contact me and give me the opportunity to rectify the issue. If you find yourself in a constant state of dissatisfaction and conflict with other merchants, family members, babies or small children, baskets of kittens, sweet little old ladies, volunteers from non-profit organizations, or any other service providers that generally keep their end of the bargain (cable and cell phone providers excluded), I urge you to seek counseling and find somewhere else to buy your art because I honestly lack the resources to deal with people who thrive on conflict and difficulty.  Enjoy your purchase, and please tell a friend if you find the quality of my art and service pleasant.  Thanks Again!

- Anthony Tavis




All shipping rates and weights are estimated and included in price unless otherwise stated.

Returns & Exchanges


RETURNS: Unless there is something royaly messed up with your art or product, ALL SALES ARE FINAL, art is subjective, if you want all the imperfections.

EXCHANGES:  You are responsible for all associated shipping cost if you would like to exchange your art for store credit, otherwise see return policy.

Any problems, gimmie a call, I'll see what I can do!  205-901-3671